The Hoax illegal Home Gardens

With the arrival of the new year it takes foot the old canard that the European Union would make it de facto illegal cultivation of home gardens.

The false report on illegal home gardens

Start the New Year, and also because of the great media echo chamber represented by social networks, back into fashion news around for a couple of years, according to which from January 1, 2016 the EU would in fact banned the cultivation of home vegetable gardens.

Home gardens are not illegal

The news dates back to 2013, but had returned to spread virally last April 1, 2015 (curiously, precisely on April 1!).

According to this information the European Parliament would have enacted a law that would make it illegal to growing vegetables at home.
In short, those bad guys of Brussels would have targeted just one of the great passions of housewives, retirees, hobbyists.

Posted intentionally as a nice April Fool’s joke, the announcement was then adopted as real recklessly spread even by some specialized agriculture and gardening sites.

To clear up any doubt, since even the news continues to be perceived by some as true, let’s do some ‘clarity.

This detail in the news: the cultivation of vegetable gardens would become illegal for food safety reasons, because these small plots of land would not be completely safe from the point of view of hygiene and health and would have helped to spread dangerous bacteria such as Escherichia coli, becoming one of the leading causes of death in Europe.

Just for the propagation of this bacterium in 2011, when there was the phenomenon of the so called cucumber murderess, it was decided on an investigation of the European Commission, the result of which would be the prohibition of cultivation.

The law, called the Plant Reproductive Material Law, would make it illegal to grow, reproduce or deal in vegetable seeds that have not been previously tested, approved and accepted by an agency of the European Plant Variety.

Not only. For those violating the ban, the EU would also set up high fines, ranging from 5000 to 150,000 Euros, reaching even to the prison to those who had stained also the sale to third parties of crops.

But behind this decision there would be (and false news also cites a news source) of the phantom of the multinational seed, wanting to have absolute control over the entire sales and world production, would also be frightened by the little that is grown in the home.

The truth about home gardens

It seems paradoxical, but, despite being born as a simple April Fools, the news has been so deemed unlikely by many, that the official denial of various associations is needed, such as Slow Food, as well as that of some European parliamentarians.

For the truth to pretend true this news had also contributed a very controversial law to the European Parliament relating to the production and making available on the market of plant reproductive material, ie seeds.

The rule was not a ban but simply concerned the regulation of the sale of large-scale, in fact affecting companies with more than 10 employees and an annual turnover of more than 2 million Euros.
Nothing that concern so those who use the seeds to produce for their own consumption, or small farmers.
In any case, the proposal was rejected, so it all came to nothing.
The benefits of home gardens

Never fear, then: cultivate your own private little garden is not only illegal, but entails many benefits.

The first is certainly the possibility to have on their table organic vegetables, grown with natural methods and products to zero km.

All this of course also helps to save on the expense, given that the same products you will not have to buy at the market or in shopping malls.

But this also adds another benefit: more psychological parties indicate how positive the body the effects of the care of a small vegetable garden on the balcony or in the garden.
Therefore the individual’s psychological well-being benefits from this activity.
What can teach us the hoax illegal home gardens?

In short, as always, the Web is a useful and interesting by which we can keep you informed on current and deepen our knowledge.

But, like all tools, can be used in a fraudulent or improper, it is appropriate to surf the Internet in a careful and aware.

This story, like many others, has found fertile ground because too many people are inclined to see conspiracies always ready around the corner.

I’m here to warn you of the dangers they run on the Net, but I only beg to give you some piece of advice about the news, not to take at face value everything you read.
First be assessed critically what you learn; If you check the sources from which the required information and, if in doubt, compare the different opinions about.